Cosy Cove: A Sanctuary For Animals

At Cosy Cove, misunderstood animals and curious critters from all over the world have gathered to create a place where they can belong and live in peace together.

Despite the hardships and rejection they have faced from the world, they warmly welcome visitors, hoping that more people will learn to put aside their prejudices for less-loved creatures like themselves.

  • Hato

    • An overly emotional bird. Hato is literally and figuratively bird-brained.
    • It often has no thoughts, or too many at once.
    • Favourite things: trinkets, carbs, dancing
    Pigeon Merch 
  • Wolfy

    • Beneath his tough (and fluffy) exterior, Wolfy is a true softie.
    • Special talents include playing the xylophone with the bones of his enemies.
    • Favourite things: retro games, lifting heavy things, plushies
    Wolfy Merch 
  • Tuxie

    • A cat who's love language is touch, Tuxie has no concept of personal space and will use you as a couch.
    • Has a list of tasks, but no one knows what it says
    • Favourite things: patrolling, screaming
    Tuxie Merch 
  • Potato

    • A creature with many names: baby dog, croissant head, bean headed dog...
    • Anxious and not okay, always staring at, or side eyeing you.
    • Favourite things: biting rugs, scratching rugs, eating tissues
    Potato Merch 

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