What We Do

Hello and welcome to PigeonCrafts, a small business run by a couple from sunny little Singapore! From adorable plushies to silly little stickers, we design a range of products based off our original characters and our favourite things to draw (food and animals)! 

Magic in the Mundane✨

We believe that joy can be found in the everyday things around us: little things like colourful socks, your indoor plants thriving, the golden light of sunset.

Likewise, we hope to create products that bring joy and spark magic in the mundane! 

Through our characters, we also want to inspire a newfound appreciation and love for misunderstood creatures which our original characters are based off, encouraging everyone to learn their stories and embrace the things that make them lovable.

Our Team of Two

Ryan: Wolfy

The right brain of Pigeoncrafts and the jack of all trades, he handles the logistics, customer service, and moneys (so that we don't go broke). He is also the self proclaimed slave of Pigeoncrafts.

Wolfy is inspired by him: looks scary but actually isn't; Everything Monochrome and Tattoos.

Cheryl: Pigeon

The left brain of Pigeoncrafts, she is a tattoo artist by day, and our designer and illustrator. Packing orders and collecting junk is her special skill.

Like Pigeon, she loves carbs, is overly emotional, and enjoys making things with her hands (although being good at it might be a different story...).

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